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does the magic damage scales with int??
Yeah. Also original smelter scales with fire which scales with mix of int+faith capping on 60 and being as good with 50-10 as with 30-30 so it can work well with original smelter sword.


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How many souls are required in the trade?
1, but you have to kill the blue smelter demon to unlock it.
Give Weaponsmith Ornifex 1,500 souls and the Smelter Demon Soul.



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Now I regret running a Dex build :(
dex > sex
I'm gonna make a build powerstancing this and the original smelter sword, and name him koolaid man
This has 90 durability, not 70
Moononfire greatsword
They turned this beautiful beast into the boring Lothric Knight Greatsword...bleh
There isn't a unique powerstance attack with the regular smelter sword, it just the exploding slam it normally does no matter what you power stance it with
Is this weapon any good? It looks cool but 90% of when a weapon looks cool in a SoulsBorne game it's usually bad