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In SoFS. Resting At bonfire doesn’t repair it
That is when the head is already broken. It gets repaired if it still has a halberd moveset (aka, with the head on).
Imagine having the balls to use sinh to break this weapon
I tried it didn't break it
The upper gutter ticks can be kited to decay the weapon when their mist is out.
You can use this weapon (broken ofc) to do really good damage with decently low str/dex. Just meet the bare minimum because it has no scaling and you can level up other stats.
I found a good method to break it. In the gutter where the giant "Gas emitting Bug" that heals poison is. When you enter the cave and are facing the bug, walk to your right, to the rear of the bug. 1h R2 or 2h R1 against the wall. It can take 10 points of durability per swing. It can also randomly do only 1 point of durability. Its kinda weird sometimes.
I think it has something to do with the big bug's hitbox. Hitting the big bug does a bunch of durability damage. I also accidentally killed the big bug while doing this method and could not recreate the durability damage against the wall.

Note: You do NOT have to hit the big bug when hitting the wall to get the damage, however the big bug DOES need to be alive.
Is it still a Halberd when broken? Or does it convert into the Spear class?
The "B" scaling on an elemental infused Santier's Spear gives only a max bonus of 37 (base stats, no rings, 99 intelligence). In case you were weighing running a caster+weapon buff on the santiers spear - its not worth it
why can't we just use acid to break the spear ?
acid only breaks armour and rings
By the way when it becomes a spear it does not allow you to do the shield up defensive spear attack.
I whacked a firebomb back at a thrower with the spear somehow, what?