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Where the f*ck is the armor located in sotfs?
brightstone cove Tseldora mimic
According to the Gutter guide you can find it down there too. DS2's fextralife wiki is really bad.
wooden mimic in the gutter (sotfs). make sure not to die if the loot falls through the floor, it will disappear forever if you won't pick it up.
If the loot drops through the planks just quit and load. The armor will be where the mimic was.
In SOTFS, the armor is located in the gutter. Next to the chest where the butcher phontom spawns, u need to make a jump.
For some reason, the item can fall through the platform and below an inaccessible room which will make the item unreachable. This happened twice. I killed the mimic before it transforms and the item fell through the tiny gaps. I used a bonfire ascetic and I killed the mimic yet again but this time, I waited for it to fully-transform and killed it very quickly but alas, it also fell down the gap. I would try and lure it out of the building this time but I don't think I would fare well with the +2 denizens of the area as a SL 57. Why on god's green Earth would they leave this game like this is beyond my mind.
Just quit and reload your game it worked for me.
Just throw a Lloyd's Talisman at the Mimic and don't kill it. The talisman makes the Mimic fall asleep, opening its mouth, so you can safely grab the item and walk away.
The room appears inaccessible, but it's actually possible to carefully drop into it. I was able to slowly inch myself to drop into the room, making sure to face and attempt to move towards the platform as you fall.
the item falling through the gutter floor glitch is infuriating, but if you carefully drop down you can still get it.
For everyone having this drop through the floor, quicksave and reload your game. It should respawn where you killed the mimic.
When I was trying to get this item through the floor Melinda ambushed and killed me, now I can't get it to reappear and it seems it is gone for good, bs mechanic
Reload, when item falls- tested on ps4
Or use Loyd´s talisman and loot mimic without fight