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Kanji just doesn't appear half the time for hand rush or 60° cone of fire after ng?

Genuinely asking, and I recorded to go back and check I didnt miss it, also didnt happen first playthrough

Not the end of the world but annoying when you think its a palm strike or straight line whip.

Just reached him on my second playthrough (first time charmless) and did an initial attempt on him. Had never used the umbrella before him, but I relied on it a lot the first time I fought him.
Turns out, the charmless chip damage also applies to the umbrella.

I'm so ****ed.
Wish you the best, brother
Tips to beating him with ease, I recommend making backup save for this:
- Sugar (any) and Divine Confetti spam
- Most attack power possible
- Fighting more like a souls boss, blocking/parrying if necessary
- Don't get frustrated, he takes a little time to learn his moveset :)
He's not a Dark Souls boss.

He's a bloodborne boss.
No, he's a Sekiro boss.
Man it would be nice if the camera wasn't in half the body so I could see when he's about to rush
This feels like a mix of Flamelurker and Laurence but with Sekiro combat, i like it a lot
I just beat Demon of Hatred on my first attempt, BUT I cheesed him. Came here to say this: I FEEL BAD.

Sekiro has been so hard to me, I have been punished so many times, I got so small chances that when I saw that I could cheat, I just couldn't help it. Like I was blinded by revenge, I thought it was fair, I have the right to take some advantage at some point.

The feeling, my friends, when I got to that rooftop, the joy, the justice! I was like "I am the only king in the world! Ha ha ha!"

But when the DoH fell off the cliff I instantly regretted. And when he said "thanks, Wolf" and the trophy popped, it was like an illusion vanishing right in front of my eyes. I felt like an impostor. I still do.

It made me question my morals and ethics.

I was so f***ed for not being good enough for playing Sekiro that I didn't give him a chance to show me again that I am not good enough. Seems like he did it, though.

That's why I am quitting. Won't play Sekiro anymore, won't finish the game.

This wiki helped me a lot, and I will never forget the great fights against Genichiro and the Guardian Ape, memorable to me. I will also never forget the guy who wants he could kill the Great Serpent with the power of Christ.

That's all, have a good life, friends.
you still have the chance to get destroyed by Isshin :D
Didn't ask.
Wowzers what a pathetic attempt at writing something remotely witty
Brought me to tears.
Aye, I too won't forget the guy who wants he could kill the Great Serpent with the power of Christ.
Impostor? That's sussy
How high were you when you wrote this?
By far the most **** boss due to him haveing dark souls machanics
Beat him with only the base items: katana, grapple, gourd. And all I can say is this: don't, just cheese him he sucks to fight.
Noobs : wahhhhh this boss is so hard

Me : I’m not crying because it’s hard, I’m crying because it’s beautiful. Best fight in the game. Rip Sekijo