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Rath soul set only needs 3 parts to get minds eye, not 4.
nevermind Im dumb lmao
realized I was mistaking rathalos mastery for essence. my bad
1400 hours and never got this decoration. had to meld it for the kjarr rage dual blades lol
I thought its just only me that already got 630+ hours but not yet get this DECO and also still in level 326 x_x


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You can now meld directly the decoration at the Elder Melder if you unlocked Guiding Lands
Why do people use this on Hunting Horn, doesn't tier 2 of Self Improvement already give this effect?
People are dumb



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"Melee weapons only benefit from the first part of the skill (Mind's Eye), while ranged weapons only benefit from the second part of the skill (Ballistics)." So what about Gunlances then? Cause AT Kirin deflected pokes of the Empress Howl Styx...are GLs range weapons then???