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This monster in low rank is the tutorial off and nergigante the high rank tutorial off in the game
Not really he can't 1 shot you and make you look dumb
well he is kinda hard for new players so...
well technically the anjanath was the first monster I got stuck on. nergigante was the second monster I got stuck on so back then they were both hard.
Why did the devs use that as sound effects for his fire breath??? I mean come one!!! My hands froze for a sec when I heard it....
don't say mean things to anjanath, anjanath use flamethrower!


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Nightmare trying to cut off that tail with a great sword. I usually give up and break the face.
Just spam the claw...
When Anjanath pins down a girl. _ _ U
bruh, that just makes me mad, cause I hate it when the anjanath pins me to the ground, it's so not fun
Thought I might give some tips for fighting it (HR). The only thing really dangerous about him is his jumping and snot rocket attack. Always move if he rears back.
I know that egg man!
He's got those little kicks if you stick too close to his legs, too, less telegraphed but also not that bad for damage.
This guy is literally the Hephaestus of MHW.
No. He really isn’t.
no,he's not.
Tail spikes
I like to call it, fire breathing t-rex with flaps on it's back
its weird it says it hunts aptonoths but ive never seen it in ancient forrest anywhere near where they are
I have, sometimes when aptonoths get scared, say by a great Jagras, or you killing one, they might retreat into the forest, where Anja is
I've seen it go out to hunt Aptonoths after I've wounded it a bit. As of today I saw it eat a baby Aptonoth for the first time as well. Without me doing anything at all. You have to watch it for a while usually.
Anjanath looks like a therapod dinosaur.