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Can be purchased from sanctuary mage once your devotion level with Keeper of Fire and Sky is 7.
This spell has quite a long cast time, but it damage is real. Remember that you can stack 3-4 casts and then engage the enemy. Which usually means that you engage dead body.



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The damage for like 7 or 4 of these is equivalent of 8 or above slash attacks using Trinity Greatsword (VII)/ Divine Blessed Weapon & Goldenwine from House of Splendor.
Are you put up with Dread Horsemen knocking you around? Are you sick and tired of spindlebeasts existing? Well, look no further than Static Geist! Pop a few of these bad boys onto the battlefield above them, and watch them melt before your eyes! Also works on enemies big and small! No more murder children will impede your quest towards dominion! It even works on knights like alkymancery knights! Purchasable from mages of the Keepers, House of splendor, and the order of the betrayer at max devotion! Or get it in the Alkymancery! And it only uses 14 focus! Too good to be true? Almost! Try it for yourself!
(Note: only lasts for a little bit. Has short range. Don't use if your facing enemies/bosses with weird hitboxes.)
It actually oneshots spindlebeasts! No more impaling horses causing trouble!