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Welcome to my mine
we are mining diamonds
I bet u don’t have this blue. I bet u don’t have this green.
OUR mine


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Apply Crystal Magic Weapon and you get a diamond pickaxe.
this comment made me very angry
this comment made me very happy
Nice Minecraft reference :)
MiNinG aWay
if you killed your little piggy after he dug it up for you you’re a monster
Imagine being the first guy or girl to find this; you’re just wanting to have a little piggy friend follow you for the whole level cuz it’s super cute, and having animal followers makes games 100x better. You manage to kite the little bugger all the way down to the (almost) final room of the area, and suddenly you turn around to make sure it’s still following you and you see it eating something, you think; “Awwww! The piggy actually eats if you bring it down here cuz it’s tired from so much walking!” Then a little glowing blue orb appears, you get confused but assume it was just a graphical glitch on an item drop. You go to pick it up and see “Pickaxe”, a weapon you hadn’t seen or heard of being in the game. You test it out and then go online to tell others about it, everyone else says that they hadn’t heard of or gotten it, you realize you made history just by thinking a pig was cute. End of story.
I like to think your story is cannon now. The Duke of Tseldora hid a pickaxe beneath the shrooms because he wanted to reward miners for taking care of the piggies
Whats wrong with the upgrade chart? There is no dext scaling stat even though there is one on the chart at the top.
Fun Fact! If you lure a baby piggy to that area, it will also dig up the pickaxe! (Source: Vaati)
The page literally explains that
Every now and then I come back to this game, and EVERY time I learn something new lol
it is affected by the old leo ring and it is POWERFUL