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Extremely powerful with a lonewolf spec: 2h mage with everything in warfare, scoundrel and two handed. pack enemies with Teleport / Nether Swap, cast this (optionally Apotheosis first) and enjoy the massacre. If some bad buys are still alive, finish them with a corpse explosion (another terrific spell). Even non weakened Daeva dies in first combat turn. See Sin Tee's "Elder Blood God (Necromancer)" build for more information. The way he makes his builds forced me to do 3rd walkthrough of the game just to test them ^_^'
Ah, good memories on how this skill would oneshot pretty much anything but bosses and that was in a 4 man team, never got to try it with lone wolf and in def. edition it's nerfed.
Under Tips one thing is missing: 'waiting' causes it to trigger, since the round begin is when your character acts instead. So, you can actually have all 3 turns of damage in before the enemy even reacts. Here is how to do it: - your Necromancer is out of combat, while the enemies are locked in combat with about anything (summon, teammate, etc.) - You wait until the enemies have acted. Ideally, you used your summon/teammate to somehow clump the enemies together (Teleport, Netherswap, ...) - before you end the turn of your character, you sneak upon the enemies with your Necromancer (he needs to stay out of combat). Then cast Blood Storm. - Blood Storm will trigger once due to being cast. It forces your Necromancer to join in on the fight. End the turn with your active character and your Necromancer will now act. Blood Storm triggers another time. You wait with your Necromancer. Blood Storm triggers a 3rd, final time. Now you can use some other skills like Corpse Explosion, Healing Ritual or similar to clean the enemies up. If your Necromancer is fully commited to Blood Storm, he will have maxed int and high Wits, with Savage Sortilege. Chances are high that he will be the first to act next turn as well.... And yes, the more enemies, the merrier this skill gets. If 3 are clumped together, they get 9 time the damage of Bloodstorm before they can act! Only few enemies survive such a burst....^^
Just use a blood/water mage and a necromancer, blood mage cast this spell and the necromancer cast the hands necro spell, easy fight
Does this spell even leave blood surfaces to cast the grasp of the starved afterwards or you have to prepare the surfaces beforehand?
This spell leaves blood surfaces so its the perfect spell before grasp of the starved.
Hey Just put necromancy and water but one has to be a source ability...
Also uh blood storm is too deadly...
Don’t use blood storm it’s too overpowered lol.
Uh you can use Grasp Of The Starved though
you can also use both
Blood Storm + Grasp Of The Starved = Win
Big brain smh... If you wanted to use both, you'll need to Apotheosis first lol.
Arguably the most powerful OTK combo in the game: (need to have elemental affinity) Flesh sacrifice, Apotheosis, Adrenaline, Bloodstorm, Skin craft, flesh sacrifice again, adrenaline again, Grasp of the Starve, then if there is any enemy still alive (although very unlikely), just finish them off with your last 2AP :))
Forgot to mention, If you also have Executioner trait, then you will have 4ap to finish everything left on the field, instead of 2ap.
This skill has a misleading range indicator. When an enemy is near the outside edge of the range indicator the skill wont actually hit them, despite being in range.