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totem scaled from intelligence?
Only on caster's level and summoning level aswell
Totems have low health, can be summoned every turn and are capable of triggering the Executioner talent
how long do they last tho
Poison totems will shoot at undead players if they need healing. I just had this happen while I was in a fight and they kept me topped off while fighting
Will Poison totems attack undead enemies, since they know that they would heal them? Or are they smart enough to avoid attacking undead? :)
All totems will ignore enemies that have 100+ resistance to their element and will prioritise other enemies instead. They sometimes even delay their turns and wait for an eligible target to move into range.
Beware that there is a glitch where the totems spawn at level 1 instead of your characters level. This changes its stats to that of a level 1 totem.
dumping one level into summoning for this can do wonders on a dedicated support, gives them something to do when the rest of the party dont need buffs or healing.