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Why is Ifran so butt hurt about making the objectively best choice. “The betrayer”. Also, I killed Lucian and Dallas and thought I was plugging the hole myself. Kinda annoyed they’re still around.
Braccus Rex, although undead will NOT lose full health when soul mate and drinking health potion. Thus, soul mate is almost useless.
I didn't think I could do this, I mean, in other games you cannot mind-control end-game bosses but in this fight you can pretty much charm any boss without a magic shield and can turn to chicken anyone without a physical shield. At one point, I had charmed the Sallow Man and chickened Braccus on the platform where Dallis was perched in dragon form... They killed each other.
I avoided the whole second phase of combat and finished the entire encounter in 2 rounds. My thief character had initiative. I drank some green tea, then did backlash on Lucian. From there, adrenaline > daggers drawn > skin graft scroll, repeat 3x... Lucian should be at around 2,000-2,300 health. One more time (adrenaline etc) triggers Lucian's dialog just before the second battle starts... however daggers drawn attack is still going and kills him before the dialog finishes and he drops dead. From there all my characters used green tea and the remaining skin graft scrolls (I had 6) and mopped up everyone else taking barely any damage.