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The lumenwood arms and head seem to glow when in the hunters nightmare (Needs confirmation).
Should there be something about the effects with the kos parasite?


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They do give off a faint blue glow. Really noticeable in the darker areas of chalice dungeons
They glow in dark places
Needs confirmation indeed!
Is there anyother interactions with this rune because i had a passive celestial mumbling to me in iosefka's sick room
(needs confermation)
Its sometimes believed to be the real Iosefka or just another patient the faux Iosefka did experiments onthats why its not hostile
I've heard that there's occasionally just a passive celestial emissary in the sickroom. I'm not sure if that's true or what triggers it though.
needs confirmation (needs confirmation)
needs confirmation
Does this need confirmation?
Broccoli man
(needs confirmation)