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Fire spray rare my ***. If you are like me and stuck to her back most of the time, you really only died to repeat chains of that one move.
Nevermind confused the fire wave with the fire spray don't know how to delete comment.



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Ah, no worries; I don't think you can delete comments, sadly
Amazing Chest ahead!
But Hole!
ahhhhh miyazaki (let her wear something!!!)
ahh spider thot !!!
neuron activation
somebody get her a top please geez

solaire go ask dusk for a spare dress please


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Is it possible to poison her? I'm doing a Pyro only run, and I'd rather not be totally useless while Mildred does all the work.

Otherwise, it's looking like I'll have to deathcam skip for this bell or to get to Sen's and come back later.
Pretty sure you can punch with the flame, casual! ;)
For anyone wondering, she has a really high resistance to poison/toxic and normal resistance (if not slightly higher than normal) to bleed
Queelag. I will kill you undead

Me erm you carnt because I’m literally looking after your sister by bringing her humanity which I don’t see you doing so