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Update this *****ing page omg!



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It's a wiki, instead of complaining that others aren't doing what you want, you can update the page yourself and be part of the solution.
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Is there a list with the new set bonuses?
My set bonus for takemikazuchi gets +25% for Bow. Don't remember the other stats, just that one. Has been like that since ive found and equipped them. Writing this on 1/9/19.
God of war look down upon mix crossed sickle bonus set FTW
grace of magatsuhi :
2pc : 2% damages reduction
3pc : unlimited mud jar 66%
4pc : 13.2% melee damages
5pc :a weird stat i cant translate,sorry
6pc :melee damages (enemies with affliction) 13%
7pc :affliction boost (5 elements) 23.8%
Just beat WotN and onloy now I realize how good set bonuses are. FML lol
That’s the result of using cheat to play.
A set that is bonus to magic can only be obtained during playthrough 4? and the game biased some weapons with set bonus while other weapons have nothing. Wow this game is wow. No wonder it is not as popular as Dark Souls. Also no wonder this website do this game wiki because it has dark souls element and not because they like the game lol