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Anyone want to farm these SM:4832629
Also psn:YourFriendGibby(forgot to mention that)
Looking for some one to farm dragon scales plz
PC ?
anyone wanna help me farm them sm:5.6mil
im on pc, what's your steam name
There is a bit of activity at iron keep so u can farm scales There if you want I can add me “MrSloth09” and my sm is 22mil
pls add me on steam
Im in Iron Keep farming these.

IGN: Frozen_Fatalis on PSN
i want to farm dragon scale, my sm is around 5.5 million. steam name is the psych guy 265632324. let's jolly coop
Farm the imperfect at the dragons sanctum
PS3 11mil SM
PSN: GlitchExplosion5
You let me win 30 times I do the same for you?
i love how it never mentions anywhere on this wiki that the dragon torso stone roar in ds2 does pathetic stamina damage compared to ds1 and ds3
Edit: just to clarify what i mean by stamina damage i mean when you use the the dragon toso stone roar against someone that is blocking ironic coming from the the first datk souls that introduced card breaking
the covenant wants me to get dragon scales if they want me to, why is it so rare can it be farmed?
Yeah you can farm them, they drop from the imperfects in the sunken city dlc. Keep in mind of you kill them enough they'll stop spawning so once they do stop you should join the covenant of champions which causes all non-boss enemies to spawn infinitely so you can continue farming them.
out of all the souls games ds2 got the best lookin dragonform