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Battle Tested

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The Gankspanker 9000. Almost any build can benefit from this bad boy. One of my favorite weapons in the game.
My build is a sharp dragonslayer axe with black fire orb, carthus flame arc, frozen weapon, and whatever other weapon I need. This is op agains most enemies and only really got stuck on dancer after getting it. I struggled with pontiff but as soon as I grabbed this weapon I destroyed him.



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The pkcs guy doesn’t want any smoke from this sl1 monster of a weapon.
Great weapon, I totally agree that it's the best weapon in the game for someone new to the game trying to get the hang of things. As this weapon is only good as a raw weapon (unless you have 50+ dex, then you can make it sharp, however, that's pretty crazy because at 50 dex there are massively better opinion than this, so it would be absurd to use at that point) which makes it ideal for newcomers. Creating a fire longsword early, the deep battle axe that you find early, and the raw boardsword or mace depending on personal taste, you have then have all the most important elemental weapons once you get this and a couple options for good pure physical damage as well. Takes you through your first playthrough with ease.
good infusions for a faith build?
Raw Infusion is probably the best, the scaling is not great, so you'll get more out of raw and using faith weapon buffs.
But you could also do a lightening infusion for more lightening damage and faith scaling, but the above will be stronger in most cases.
thank you!
I had 40 faith and the blessed gem was amazing. The health recovery is a plus too.
Is sharp a good infusion for this? I’m looking for a good “heavier” dex weapon to try besides the Astora gs. Any other recommendations are appreciated
yes sharp and raw infusion are meta however at 20/70 str/dex Sharp is way better.
Yes sharp Is best for this axe, at high SL, faith also a great stat for it.
Try a “minimum” strength high dex with sharp infusion, and have fun
Imagine being so bad at PvP you have to gift this to your low level player in order to win at low levels. I ain't even mad, it's just baffling to me. Don't play the game.
Don’t play the game cause you mad someone actually -plays the game-
You say your not mad, and your not, your butt hurt.