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there needs to be a dialogue were the dancer after her intro plays says to the player you want to slap my *** don't you i would like to see you try
Just felt really proud of myself and wanted to share it you guys :)

I just beat her first try with a Heavy Zweihander and only took one hit!
It's gotta be one of my best performances against a boss ever :D

(I'm not the other dude asking about the Zweihander)
For low level player that want to beat the dancer face her alone with dark hand summoning phantoms gives her more health and makes her attack less predictable do to the size of her weapons you can easily get hit while she's attacking another player facing her solo made this boss fight a whole lot easier less health more predictable more damage
ok this boss is really hot wtf
dat ***
her fight is a literally dance fighting so basically she loves to hate us
Use dark hand to get in some serious fisting action.
for some reason when i met the outrider knight's i thought they were the dancer nd vordts children
The boss was fun but I kind of wished I got some down time before fighting her when I just beat Aldrich.
Just homeword bone lel
Sorry I disliked by mistake
If your sorcerer build is struggling against this, try using pestilential mist as your only damage for this fight. Simply cast mist near the pillars and kite the dancer into it. You won’t need line of sight for this strategy and can remove all your sorcery scaling items in favour of heavier armour, since mist does not scale with sorcery items