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If i summon somebody using a summon sign, will the person be a phantom, or a second host of embers? There have been times where i summoned both from different white summon signs. Also, when I invade other worlds, I have seen people labeled as a "phantom" or i have seen multiple "host of ember"s. What determines a phantom of host of embers?
They appear as a host because they're wearing the Untrue Dark Ring or whatever it's called.
That's the Untrue Dark Ring that you can purchase from Yuria of Londor. In your world it has the aesthetic value of giving you human appearance while hollow. In another player's world it changes you from a white phantom or red invader to your normal appearance. Useful for fooling invaders
Host of ember is usually the host but there is a ring in the game that can make a phantom or other faction member look lie the host to confuse invaders
It's interesting co-op to help players fight the bosses, especially the Nameless King.
Give it a try at around SL90 - SL105, you can easy get summoned near Great Belfry bonfire.
You will encounter players carried with Dragonslayer Greatshield or Havel's Greatshield, with UGS or Great Hammer, and as naked as Sword Master !
Some casters can do a lot damage with their spells, but can't tank 2 hits from Nameless King, you have to tank for them, otherwise they won't make it.
Some players like to summon 3 phantoms and then attract 2 invaders. usually invaders are good players, I suck in PvP, always failed to protect the host. :)
After boss killed, some players quickly put the Mimic box into their head to get more soul, funny !
Full Catarina Set, Catarina Set, Undead Legion Set and Lorian's Armor Setare are common. Sometime you can see full Lothric Knight Set, Silver Knight Set, Black Knight Set, cool !
(rare) You You will encounter hackers, they rush in as an invincible invader, they cast the spells you have never seen before and then kill you.
(rare) You You will encounter traps, the invader wear the ring pretend as white phantom, sit there wait for you. Make sure try the lock after get summoned, if you get a lock, then prepare for the fight.
The most memorable fight was with a bow-guy, in Nameless King phase 2, he stayed away from Nameless King, and then started to shoot with bow, I managed to lure Nameless King around circle, and let him made the hits.
I was surprised we could co-op so well to form a tank-range to fight the Nameless King.
Also if you beat the boss in an area, you won't be able to summon any more white phantoms in that area!
What about being summoned?
You can still be summoned
It sort of makes sense, the bosses should be the ones you're struggling the most with. I'm a flat out scrub who got help to beat Pontiff, but even I can practice a bit and kill things like Silver Knights and Jailers. You should at least learn to get better against the common enemies on your own.
One thing this page should mention and fails to is that there is no level cap for being summoned if you and a friend have a password set up. Meaning regardless if you're level 200+ you can still help your noob friends out. The downside? You get HEAVILY nerfed in terms of health, focus, and stamina. You might also open them to invasions by higher level players (Still testing this at this time. My friend and I were invaded 4 times while playing and one guy was using the Quakestone hammer and one was a pyromancer with a spell from later game. Unsure if they were players who deliberately kept a low soul level and got carried through or if they were high level players)
Lol overleveled phantoms are op in this game. What are you talking about? Any very high character with spells or a min/max build can perform better than the host. The downscaling is really badly implemented.
What I used to do when I was still a noob at like 10 hrs, on bosses like abyss watchers I used to summon a random scrublord in lothric knight armor and watch them get massacred by the boss so I could learn the boss's moveset and then of course the boss was at pretty much full health so I would win like first try everytime. I then proceeded to grow a pair and own all of the bosses. Shoutout to the countless sunbabies and casul sadbois that helped me learn the ds3 ropes. \[T]/
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Always happy to die for someone who appreciates it
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Whats your soul level? So I can get to it and proceed to invade you every single step of the way?
I just used a white soapstone and help a friend. now it is greyed out and I don't know how to reset it. please help
you can only use a white soapstone in certain areas (most areas). you can't use it in boss rooms where you already beat the boss, the firelink shrine, areas where you defeated the boss of, in some starts of areas and some other rooms.
Wow, it's so easy to get a soapstone in this game. In DS2 you had to complete a mini quest that you could easily miss
I mean, in DS Solaire just gives you the thing in level 1. Just chalk it up to being another unnecessarily difficult thing in DS2. :P
It's says the soapstone is out of stock but I don't have it
Do you have enough souls to purchase?
Steam username: thunderbirdfire
"I help anytime"
It would be nice to add "Summoner's area Boss must be alive to be able to summon via white signs"
Because we struggled A LOT with a firend before we realised that. And in some area (like smouldgering lake) you can rush the boss quite quickly then explore later (if you have little playtime for example)