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Actually counter-intuitive
A useless ring. Most, if not all, players can off you when your at 20% health or below. No one in their right mind would also wear this in PVE when there are so many better choices.
Very well ring! I use it with a parry shield, and I can block much hits!
This ring would be so much more balanced if instead it gave you a defense boost so long as you were over 80% health.



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Its funny when I am invading in the parish and suddenly a tear stone aura appear. I used to thing oh crap, now Im going to get two shot, but that never happens, also it is usually the first ring people get, so that is the only time they would wear it.
I can't tell you how many times I've lived with what seems like 1HP thanks to this ring. I don't think it works exactly how it's written, hits that would knock you into 20% HP must get reduced as well, and there may be a secondary effect to it.
Thing Ring Will Save Your Hollow Life.