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Hate to break it but the monster hunter world wiki does not show monster attacks. (you might know about this).
Kushala Doara has been doing some crack look at his nose
I've seen some other people conplaining about this fight, but personally I didn't struggle too much with it. The wind was annoying, yeah, but never that much of a bother. I was using the Kadachi Pillar III Insect Glaive, and whenever he was in the air, I would just use the aerial attacks of the glaive to try and mount him, to throw him back to the ground. Still haven't done Master Rank tho, as I don't have the DLC. Even then, it's probably the 2nd easiest of the four elder dragons (counting Nergi), Vaal Hazak being the easiest to me, with Nergigante as the hardest. So overall, I'd say the Insect Glaive is probably the best weapon for this guy, but not 100% sure. Would love to hear other suggestions.
Insect Glaive is definitely not the best weapon for him. Best melee weapon, probably. LBG and HBG makes fighting him almost hilarious. The amount of time he spends in the air compared to other dragons just makes unloading on him from range a breeze.
Wind tornado storm wind death.
I hate his wind armor thing when trying to use dual blades
Honestly I really love fighting him. In HR all you have to do is use flash pods and in MR you can do him fight him decently well with a GL or LS I mainly like him since he is very Challenging
Stunlock: the monster.
As if the wind aura, flying spam and tornadoes weren't enough, Kushala's roars also true combo into some attacks. Fun.
"Target of Quests" missing master rank optional quest: "The Harbinger of Clear Skies"
This easily takes the cake as the worst monster in all of MHW. By a damn mile, it's not even close.

Not only does the constant windpressure lock you out of doing anything for most of the hunt, Kushala's tendency to fly for more than 70% of combat makes it impossible for most melee classes. His wind BS adds onto this. The fact that him taking off into the sky also wind pressures you adds onto this.
And normally you'd use flash pods for this sort of nonsense, but in MR, NO MORE! Rightfully so, flashlocking a monster was kinda dumb, but with Kushala it bloody well deserved it, and it seems to fly even more in MR.

To add insult to injury, wind resist 5 doesn't even do much against him, as one would sort of expect (the skill is called wind resist, why doesn't it help against the wind dragon?). To properly counter his wind BS, you need "wind pressure negated", which you can only get by having a HH, or by having HIS ARMOUR. WHAT SORT OF CATCH 22 IS THIS.

You can't grapple onto him half of the time due to his wind shield, and whenever he walks past you, you get stunned for what seems like 7 hours.


I don't have any respect for anyone that worked on designing, testing and implementing Kushala, and honestly, they seem like a liability to the company.