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7725xp at level 11 for fighting him versus 6950xp plus an amulet worth almost 5k for passing persuasion check? That "simple solution" up there gives bad advice.
I mean, 5K is nothing though. Again, opening the lamp at level 11 is generally considered a mistake anyway, unless you don't really care about min-maxing, and in that case who cares what reward you get.
You can do the dialog to get the reward you want and then 1 shot him with a heavy chest+telekinesis before he disappears to get the experience too. Did it in my last run.



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The item you get if you pick wealth is now only worth 3470.
its based on your level
I didn't get Hollow Lamp when I killed him (Definitive Edition).
You have to pick it up from the ground you do realise that?
At level 9 item, sword has stas 20-21, +1 wits, +1 Single-Handed, +1 Aerotheurge, rune slot.
At level 21, 5271 phys, 7246 mag, 8224 vitality. 208250xp. long chain of knockdown arrows.
at L20 (DE) about 148k
in definitive edition, the sword is level 9, regardless of party level. the xp award is 6950 the sword has also be nerfed to hell. it lost 25% of its damage no movement or dodge buff and it lost 80% of the sell value. . . which pretty much makes killing the jinn, the best option
I keep getting the save skillbook no matter what I do. I am not sure if it is random...
I did the gift one. before i hit end on the convo i summoned my creature with another character. as soon as i ended the convo i tped him to my summon and just wailed on him holding the ctrl key got xp for the kill too.
at level 22 it grants 289500 exp
Def. edition?
Yes, in DE, killing the Djinn grants 289,500 XP
How did you manage to get to lvl 22 in DE? I've killed everyone I could and still just barely got to lvl 21...