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Phase Capacitors can be found as loot from Eternal Protectors. There's potentially 3-4 of them in a cave on the beach, far north, passed the Black Ring Camp, and technically underneath the shrine of Tir-Cendelius.


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You don't get any penalty from God of your race. So switch the race using the Mask of the Shapeshifter to bypass curses.
I don't think this can be done with xantezza and vrogir, though.


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"The Elven Temple, located northeast, has some Shriekers guarding the entrance. You will need to use a Purging Wand (available from Black Ring corpses) or Source Vampirism to kill them"

Uhm, do you actually need to kill them? In Definitive I was passing by them just fine, they did not care. Maybe they trigger you if you side with the Black Ring?
Honestly, I was purging them afterwards just to stop this neverending earth shaking :D
Seems they don't care about you in my experience, they just spend their time shooting at the Black Ring spirits. I approached them from both sides and they kept on screaming until I purged them.
You don't need purging wand. Just use source vampirism.
They weren't doing anything to me either but I also got rid of them since they were constantly zapping a poor ghost nearby since I had perma spirit vision mod on.
Once again, the persuasion mech ruins the game - why should I have to persuade them to just continue the storyline??!! Will delete this if I can have them rejoin after....
So there's no option to get them back, I'll have to go back to A2/3 and try to finish their quests because it doesn't look like I can survive in Arx with only 2
Can't you just... respec into persuation?
No it doesn't & if you honestly think that then you're taking yourself a little too seriously. If you play D&D you know this kind of stuff can happen & this game is as close to D&D as it can get without it being part of D&D. Besides you can respec whenever you want so that you can pass the checks. If you really don't know how to do that then go back to the Lady Vengeance & go to the portal below deck,
[SOLVED] Permanently blinded by Doctor Daeva / Adramahlihk in DOS2 DE? We had Beast as a companion who was permanently blinded after having it occur during battle with Adramahlihk and crew. We read of the only two ways to cure it. Either equipping then unequipping the blindfold from the Driftwood Arena event. Or, having the character die / be killed and resurrecting them by scroll or spell. Yeah, that didn't work for us either. Walked Beast into DeathFog down in the sewers on the first try. Then the other 3 companions slaughtered poor Beastie voluntarily in Doctor Daeva's house. To no avail. We had saved and quit for the night when my better half found an entry somewhere online that explained the one other possibility...

Adramahlihk had cursed Beast's weapon. His sword. We found 'Set Blinded' in the attributes of the weapon he was wielding-- during, then the whole time after the battle where we defeated Adramahlihk.

We fired up DOS2 again immediately-- ditched the sword-- et voila!
Permanently Blinded was gone from Beast's Character/Status entries.
Doctor Daeva didn't do anything to your dorf. It is the sword you equipped. There are quite a few such unique items in the game that at first sight seem great because of the stats, but they also have a big disadvantage when equipped (Set Silence, Set Cursed, Set Blind, etc.).
Haha! you bought the Truthseeker sword from the elf in front of the cathedral, that's why. Has Set blinded (for the char who equips it)