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I think I missed out this quest by rescuing Saheila and triggering completion of Elven Seer BEFORE ever finding the elf camp. My log shows completion for Elven Seer but after speaking with all the elves, they just thank me for returning Saheila and none of them talk about any burial.
just letting you know you can actually do this well if your ifan since he has a past with elves
I told her i killed saheila oops


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PC-DE: Using Shapeshifter Mask [as Fane] Into Elf Form:
Persuation check: selected the [Elf ][Constitution] option.
1. Offer refrain "Blood to earth."
2. Reach and grasp the spear.
3. Eating the heart and chew gives the memory. (Eating and swallow does not give the memory)
4. Share the memory with Tovah.
FYI I failed the persuasion check as Ifan and Lohse. Didn't think about using shapeshifter mask as an elf. Just to see what would happen, I Phoneix Dived into the middle of the elf group which triggered a fight. Each elf netted 14500 xp. IOW a sh*t ton of xp for this battle. I might just keep going from here instead of reloading and completing the 'official' quest.
Same poster -- I did the math. 6 elves x 14500xp = 87000 xp. Pretty good haul