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As a newish player i want to ask in what time the event is on, becouse for me is really confusing?


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The Kulve siege/event is available every other 2 weeks(so 2 weeks Kulve, 2 weeks no Kulve, repeat..), next time Kulve is available is on 23 April.
Do I need PS plus to do MR Kulve Taroth?
Do I need network connection to fight her for HR?????????
Kulve confuses me a lot, rn, I can only do AT KT for some reason? I don't know where the regular one has gone. It also feels like she's incredibly tough, almost like I need to do something else after Xeno to have a chance agains her. As of now, I've only tried her on my own, and I feel like I need to get a party, but I'm afraid to join a random lobby because I really don't know what I'm doing and feel like I'd weigh them down.
it is ment to be a squad of 4 her health pool is realy high making it extreamly dificult to solo even with the ideal loadout
looks like great jagras, walks like great jagras, some of her moves are similar to great jagras plus mr kulve armor gives free meal secret. co-incidence? i dont think so.
Use SA ZSD strat and the ticks on my comfort burst build do almost twice the damage than on my full ice EXTRME optimized Legiana Kjarr build. (on her naked body form ofc). Any ideas why? Isn't ice her weakness? Why does it not at least do the same damage as on my half as*sed burst build?
I have the same problem btw with dragon element ZSD-ing on Safi. It's always less damage than my burst build has. Does using ZSDs ignores the weapons element?
So all you need to do is find one of the tracks and you can instantly unlock her correct? Tell me if I am wrong or I am just being an idiot
Kulve Taroth quests are available every 2 weeks



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The big gold rocks falling from the ceiling after she climbes the central spire can be blocked. Testing stuff was once a thing...