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pretty easy to fight but has way too much hp
My friend was watching the first cutscene with him and when the nargacuga jump out of the trees I remember him say "Woah! WTF! Its batman!"
Man, in my opinion, this monster is so underwhelming, he looks so cool, but fighting him is a goddamn chore. Especially if you use a heavy weapon like the hammer or gunlance.
Actually I'm a hammer main and I'm pretty fast with it and it's surprisingly mobile
i think its hard to hit :(
Well what do you expect? Narga’s main trait is SPEED. You cannot possibly know this and be all like “he’s to faaaaaaaastaahh, I can’t hit hiiiiiiiiiiimaahhh, mooooooooooooooom”.
Actually me and my friend, (GL and HB) captured him in 19 34, which is suprising since it to us 45 35 to kill Barioth
I love everything about Nargacuga but I’ve always had one problem with it... Its an ambush predator so most of the time it hunts its prey and takes them by surprise with incredible speed and skill. But when I fight it I always have something like “what if they had incorporated a surprise attack in his hunt?”. Like if its decided to move to another zone but before you get there it decides to hide and wait for you and attack you when you least expect it to. Nargacuga is a very skilled monster also when it comes to fighting one on one, but if only Capcom put in some gameplay mechanics that allowed Narga to make use of its stealth, speed and element of surprise. Again, I love this monster. Everything about it is just so cool. There’s nothing wrong with it. But just thinking about its lore while fighting it gives me the feeling that it could have been even better is a bit...dissapointing to me, if only a little.
Barioth did this to me last night lol. We were in a cave and he started racing off to the next area, so I started sprinting off after him. Like 3 secs later, just as I was about to round the corner he came out of nowhere just like "JUST KIDDING, IM BACK!!!" ran me over like a train and killed me lol
He was sort of stealthy in MHFU one time me my brother and my dad would hunt him in G-lvl and he would disappear and we would be Where did he go??? I had Phsycic vision and I would say where he was and we went there and we didn’t see him. He was apparently on the tree. So we all got jumped in
nargacuga fan boy:)
Haven't hunted Nargacuga since MHP3rd. I was weird having muscle memory trigger while fighting this beast. :)
me two had flashbacks to 3u for brachydios. bazelgauze is like seregios but with explosives
Don’t be rude, fix your English, all monsters have a lot of hp. Have a nice day.
He is known to be very stealthy and I can't see why? (get it)
Got it.
this happens to me every time
me: your going down
nargacuga: *jump attack*
me: *dies*
i have to come back then after a while i break a part then think i have a chance at winning then he kills me
Maybe Narga is just your weakness. Every hunter has a specific monster they’re not particularly good against. A kryptonite-monster, if you will. Or you just need to change your approach to this monster.
yeah every hunter has a weakness mine is the freaking barioth i tried every weapon until the IG finally worked i hate you barioth
I remember suffering from Nergigante,because I underestimated him and forgot that he's an elder dragon :)
Yeah my kryptonite is Barioth. Curse you Barioth!!!
So... I came here looking for this thing's elemental weakness *after* beating it once.
Wanna guess what element my dumbass used on this thing on my first blind fight against it?

Seriously... I'm just gonna rely on the wiki for the rest of the monsters from here on out.