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When will iceborne weapons be added? Several out-of-date articles lack this info
updating this page would require elderseal to be useful first


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What about the effects on the other Iceborne elder dragons, like Namielle and Shara Ishvalda?
just to add the question. What status effect with behemoth, velkhana, and alatreon?
Elderseal is kinda like Zyklon B. It works, just enough
Namielle: Cancel the moisture on its body which allows it to use its Super Electric discharge move when leaving the Area/Zone.
Velkhana: Make it easier to break its Ice amour.
Also would like to know what effects does it have on Fatalis


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None I’m pretty sure. He’s just a beast.
Probably it just staggers him
Does is cap on "high"? If I have "high" elderseal weapon and equip elderseal charm, does extra level goes to waste?
Yes. The max level is "high"
Namielle link is broken


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fixed it!
most of links in this site that have space or something else going on are broken. but the articles are there if yous search
Namielle hydration level isn't affected by elderseal