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Phase 1 is super easy if you're using an heavy weapon with high staggering as hitting him around the time he charge any attack will either full stun him (he drop to his knee) or half-stun him (he'll flinch back). (For this reason, having either Yakumo or Io as partner can make this part of the fight really simple.)

Phase 2 feels like the complete opposite to Phase 1 where fast weapons with lower damage, but also lower stamina cost make it a lot easier. Also, Yakumo and Io are really bad against Phase 2 since their long winged attack patterns makes them fall down as soon as they get hit by the double thrust attack.
One REALLY important part to know about Phase 2 is that half-staggering should be avoided at ALL cost. Unlike Phase 1, half-staggering (if he just flinch back) gives him the ability to use any of his special right after with barely any wings-up. This makes heavy weapon kinda bad (also Yakumo & Io) when not timed perfectly for phase 2. In my case, because Io was hitting him all the time with half-staggering, he was able to use his double thrust attack 3 times in a row which killed her in less than 2 secs. (He did his double thrust, she hit him once, he return a double thrust instantly without wings-up, she hit him back another time and he does it again and Io is down. The issue is that Io and Yakumo uses 2 to 3 hits combos and 1 hit allow this boss' 2nd phase to use his ability again hence by the time they do a 2nd hit, they get pounded back.)
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Easily the worst fight in the game, half of his attacks will do damage even when dodging and with bosses in this game ignoring your teammates to focus solely on you he never gives you time to heal because he’s relentless. This is really **** design on Namco Bandai’s part.
They stole everything else from SoulsBourne, added in some Fable 1 spell-casting/tropes/combat (which I loved in Fable 1, same with the Souls **** they stole, loved it in SOULS!) but they just couldn't clone the spirit From (and Miyazaki) infuse into their games. Instead we get this Frankenstein's monster of **** game design, where they straight copy/paste from the Souls formula but can't resist mucking it up (like the Ornstein/Smough rip-offs Cannoneer and Blade Bearer), somehow they just didn't understand what made the original so ****ing great.
Git gud
I just finished this boss in NG+. Took me 5 rage-inducing tries to realise just dodging is actually impossible in Phase 2. In the end, I was forced to use the OP Argent Wolf King's Blade + Atlas to slaughter that *.

Git gud
Get Cleansing Light. Activate it when he charges up Berserk. Do not use regular heal until Berserk is over.

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Ridiculous boss if you try to get through the game solo. Clearly not balanced for that, balanced around heals and revives.
My fight lasted 2 minutes. Companion died and it was an anime finish after he went berserk. Came down to which was faster, my sword or his spear. 1 hit to end the fight.
That boss is just badly balanced, in first form he is ok, just your typical souls experience. In second he is just broken. Try to fight him normally, and unless you have god tier evading skills he will simply annihilate you. Or you can cheese him with fortified zweihander and turn fight into a cakewalk.
Ornstein in lame!
Alright so by no means is this fight easy solo, but its not terribly unbalanced. In phase one, its a cake walk. Dodge, punish, and don't feel bad about using healing. You won't have more time to do it anyway by the time phase two begins. Here are all the steps you need to survive phase two. Before the fight, backstab a few enemies on the way there to gain some Ichor, you'll need it. Using one regen on damage taken here is not a problem. Healing won't help you in the boss fight. A little before phase two begins, activate gift extension. Regain the ichor used and then when phase two begins, activate, cleasing light and hasten. Hasten is most important here. Make sure you have shifting hollow as well. Once he goes berserk, dodge, teleport, dodge teleport, whenever you can in his combos. After a few tries you'll learn his rhythm. Once he loses berserk, thats when you **** him up. He may go berserk again, but just repeat the process. With gift extension, you should still have cleansing light and hasten active.