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I love all senpou combat arts because they block (most) counter attacks. No point in a fancy combo of you're going to get smacked in the middle of it. In the late game it becomes easier to not use combat arts at all because some of them make you so vulnerable during the execution.
A quick rapid question for this particular Art ( High Monk ). Do Sekiro deal more or extra Posture Damage with the Leap Kick & Follow Kicks as i upgrade my Attack Power ? Or is it just the 2 slash follow ups that only increase due to ( Kusabimaru ) ? I need confirmation even tho i tested Senpou Kicks from 15 Attack Power to 20 it apears that a Slight increase in posture damage... but not that noticable since they nerfed it on the previous patch ( After 1.03 ).
It does increase but for a Slither. Ako & Yashi also increase Posture dmg with the Kick. Mainly the First & Final kicks are the Strongest in terms of posture... but you wont notice more posture damage unless you upgrade Attack Power like 10 or 20 more points cuz they berfed it
Very good against o'rin
High Monk is a very good late game C.Art because of the Nature of the First Kick you can Dodge many attacks... aswell as it Flinches Enemy counter or follow up attacks prior... but only to Light Enemies or Medium Enemies... Heavy enemies wont flinch due to Armor like Heavy Red Guards at Set Ablaze & the Kotaro like Monks... The Posture damage dealt by the First Overslam Kick of this Art can be increased by Ako/Yashiriku aswell... mainly the First & Final kick of this Art are the 2 Strongest Kicks... the Follow up kicks are lower on posture damage. While also the 2 Slashes within High Monk can also be Divined Confetti'd aswell if u want but not that much of a worth for a Buff as for this Art... what is Good on High Monk is that the 2 Kusabimaru follow up slashes can't be Blocked or when u hit a blocking enemy with R1 u mainly Hit a Blunt repeated attack if u know what i mean... this is why if u aren't interrupted you can Fully pull High Monk on enemies which is a great Art for building Posture & applying Constant Pressure as it's a 6 Hit Combo Art without Emblem uses... but it's not that that Good against certain enemies or bosses due to it being Slow of course... but it's a Fun & well Combat Art after all. Use it & train ur timings
Excellent Art for applying pressure to normal Enemies... Posture damage is slightly increased from Senpou Kicks as this is the Upgraded version... can be paired with Yashiriku & Ako for further Posture Damage aswell... the First High Jump Kick is very good for a Sweep Counter Attacks aswell as can be used to dodge some attacks aswell not just Sweeps....not that much good against some Bosses cuz Slow animation... but overall a Fun Free Combat Art Skill to use
This is very nice and has incredible posture damage against perilous attacks.
Meh, not anymore after the patch. it's barely better than a normal sweep-counter (jump off enemies) as far as posture damage goes, not to mention the rest of the combo after the air kick is near useless.
The latter-half of the combo's posture damage is increased so the quick two sword slashes might be effective, so I wouldn't call it necessarily useless.
In true from software fashion, a stylish and unique offensive method is rendered nigh useless while basic ***** ichimonji double can be spammed on everything.
I initially thought it was useless after the repeated nerfs, but it's actually still great. Against enemies that don't get stunned by it, it's kind of pointless because they'll hit you before you get the sword slashes off. If you are facing an enemy that'll take most of the combo, it does a pretty large amount of posture damage. It's not spammable on everything like ichimonji double is, but it's situationally very effective against enemies like the purple ninja, lady butterfly and certain other sword wielders. Definitely not a must have, and doesn't work everywhere, but where it does, it's awesome. Looks cool as hell too.
Its better to use the leaping kick instead of this one since you'll mostly get hit trying to finish the combo
How to find high monk?