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By Anonymous
good mantle
By Anonymous
what the hell
By Anonymous
Use this with any weapon that has a Health Regen Augment and you're practically playing Borderlands again. Losing health continually while regaining it doing damage.
By Anonymous
NOTE VAAL HAZAK has significantly lower HP than normal (~6000 HP, tested in single player mode). So overall the quest is a lot easier than what you would expect. Tested on 28 OCT 2019 on PC. Not sure why this was done by CAPCOM but its very welcome.
By Anonymous
Anytime you have a hunt with multiple monsters their HP is reduced. The more monsters, the more reduction. Not sure on the % change though.
By Anonymous
Also remember in vanilla this meant in a 4 player hunt 24000 hp which is not insignificant considering most people would attempt this with less than ideal gear and knowledge (hence it's indeed relatively low)
By Anonymous
how do u unlock the quest
By Anonymous
Kill 3 lvl 3 tempered beast, then talk to equipment seller
By Anonymous
Somehow i joined this quest when i'm below HR 50, i thought it's just usual tempered hunt because i could join that optional quest and it was marked with exclamation mark. But no doubt that i killed both tempered Vaal and usual odogaron. I didn't get this mantle tho, but how did i even get that quest in the first place. I also unlocked the vaal investigation that i cannot do at that moment.
By Anonymous
for quests that unlocks items (mantles specifically, not sure about other kinds of item), even if you respond to SOS for that quest, if you haven't unlocked it yourself, the quest won't be marked as complete
By Anonymous
This page states to unlock, "Hunt 3 different tempered elder dragons". Rocksteady mantle page states, "hunting 5 threat level 3 tempered monsters...". Please update with the correct information.
By Anonymous
I just did 3 tempered elder and received the quest.
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By Grim_Reaper
Forgot what a game changer this gem of a tool is.