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So I'm guessing this "kid" is actually very old?
This does not explain why he asks Emma about how can people not die. If he is so old he should know that.
He definitely isn't old.

Also, the existence of infested or rejuvenating waters is not a common knowledge.
After you ask Isshin about the Mortal Blade, Kuro will open the library and move there. He will cough and say the dust is awful. If you open the window before speaking to him. he will that you for it, that he couldn't have done it himself as it's too heavy for him.
*he will thank you for it
Cute, intelligent, lovely
Waifu material for sure
He and the Divine Child
Yo, it's a child. Get some help please if you see any waifu material here.
Maybe get someone older...
What a Chad, saying his beliefs in spite of public opinion
You know what kid? F*ck you *un-immortals your heritage*