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Stop playing this game like you would DS or BB and then complain that it's too hard
Finally Fromsoft learned that they are too incompetent to design games with online modes. Easily the best game they've made in decades
Katana edgelord: the game
This game does not, and should not have an “easy mode”
it has a easy mode, don’t ring the bell at the temple and keep the charm (aka first play through)
Yes it should, why can’t people with actual lives and that don’t live in their mom’s basement enjoy this game? You know some people have jobs and don’t have hours on end of free time to waste “getting good” at this game. So please tell me why it shouldn’t have an easy mode in addition to the regular game? Hm???
from software games arent mean for everyone, so if you havent time and effort to play them then too bad, go and play something else, it will be better, an example is the 17 jun guy.
Game needs easy mode pls fix
best fromsoftware game
people disliked you because they cant summon players unlike bloodborne LOL
I agree, there's a certain mastery to the combat that feels unlike all the souls games, absolutely spectacular.
Just came here after finishing the whole dark souls series (can't play des and bb sadly cuz no ps4) so i need to ask this, are the pc controls well performed? Or it's another aberration like the ds2 ones
They are very good from what I hear, however for me a controller is still king. If you have a controller, use it.
Nope, the controls suck like everything else in the game.
Prosthetics are the worst part about this game, they’re all generally useless aside from a few niche situations per tool. And then firecrackers act as a universal stun that works on every enemy and breaks the game. This area of the game is more unpolished than ds2.
Im the guy who wrote this, and since then I've played through the game once more whilst trying to use prosthetics as much as possible, and in fact I found that it was significantly more fun and in-depth than I assumed on my first playthrough. Shame on me for presumptively throwing out prosthetics as an option in combat, and coming here to complain about it. I'm only writing this because I can't delete my comment...
i came back to dark souls to see if i got rusty and oHHH BOY DID I GET RUSTY.
i tried to ****ing mikiri counter gundyr.