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I guess the only way to buff it using miracles (sacred oath and deep protection) and pyromancy power within still a beast <3
Why can I use this in tight spaces while the Black Knight Sword hits walls all the time? So stupid.
Does anyone have a poise value for the weapon art? It's definitely lower than others in it's class but knowing the number it adds would be helpful for certain breakpoints.
I think it just starts later but has the same poise value. It mimicks the FUGS weapon art animation because the follow up is almost the same and it might be a bug or maybe this sword was supposed to have block frames (it doesn't).
should i use this or the greatsword?
I started using it for Irithyll Valley at +2 its not let me down from then. Decent moveset and damage its at +4 now and 2 shots Jailers.
Can someone please drop one for me? My psn id : m38-mf__1998
There’s a pretty good subreddit for item trades like this. You’ll get a response there before you will here.
Checkout pumparum on Reddit, someone will be able to drop it
Best ultra greatsword ;)
This should hit harder than BKGA yet it seems weaker strange...
The greataxe hits harder but the sword has a better move set.
dang people still here commenting lmao, the 2h r1 on this thing is ridiculous
Men of culture
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