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Many deaths later I realized he is in fact manageable. A quick guide for people who have trouble and want to keep their vitality up. Phase 1: Run up close to him and begin to cycle him counter clockwise, if he's not attacking, he won't be able to keep up and you can get hits in one at a time. His vitality will go down quickly this way. No special attacks needed, just stay close and cycle counter clockwise. Defend, dodge and deflect if necessary. When he is below 50%, only deflect and dodge. Play is safe. Phase 2: Use Firecrackers when he runs towards you, then attack, make sure there is enough distance between you two before he starts charging. Dodge and attack during each one of his perilious moves. Cycle him counterclockwise again, stay as close as possible. Phase 3: When you see his indicator stance for lightning attacks (charging his sword), stop moving. Calm down. Wait 1 second, jump while holding deflect, press attack while going down. If you are not into Mikiri counter or risky moves, only deflect his lightnings. Thats all you gotta do. After 5 lightning deflects he's at 0 vitality.
Just a random interaction I found out, but it is possible to lightning deflect one of his attacks in his third phase by doing a shadowrush.
Ah yes, everyone's favourite punching bag of a boss. No kidding, after ng2+you get so accustomed to his patterns and behaviour you wipe the floor with him, unless you get really*****ty RNG with his jumping arrow nonsense.
well yeah, but he's pretty much the gateway into the game- the first real challenge of the player's mettle and 'git-gud' determination. If you can't get the hang of him, you probably ain't gonna enjoy the rest of Sekiro. Don't b acting like he didn't annihilate you in the beginning lol
actually I had no issues with genichiro on my first playthrough, beat him on my third try. Haven't yet finished isshin on ng+ without kuro charm tho. Fk this guy is triggering my OCD from fighting Orphan of Kos as an arcane build again.
Genichiro is easy if u can recognize thrusts and sweeps, which most ppl seem to struggle with at the start. Yet I always found it easier to look at an enemies weapon, which makes genichiro easier than people say he is
Wheres point down when you need it *****ing bow spamming *****.
you can t-bag him at least
I've ended daemon souls and all darks solus . Sekiro is too hard for me. I've just uninstalled:(
I think that sekiro is more difficult than other games from Fromsoftware
Sekiro is different to souls, I personally love games like devil may cry and other hack n slay titles. While Sekiro isn't 100 like these game it shares some similarities. U are getting punished for being defensive and observative in sekiro. It is much faster paced, which leads to some frustrating deaths over and over while u aren't comfortable with its mechanic.

Think of it like this, Damage doesn't matter your deflection is just as good as offense as attacking, every fight follows a similar flow. Sidestep for health dmg aka Hit and Run to make enemies loose posture less quickly than start pressuring, you can beat bosses solely by not hitting them once.
even tho it makes things harder since they gain their posture faster. It is almost always better to work on getting ur deflection timings than trying to dodge or hit an enemy. Just stay on ur enemy, and don't look back. Only back out if your posture is about to break. In souls you're dying if you're standing still, in sekiro it is almost essential to not dodge all the time, since enemies have tracking from hell.

Also a good tip is learning ur window in which u can cancel ur attack. there is a slight window that cancels ur attack animation into a deflection if you got too greedy and wanna deflect right away. That timing is clutch but definetely key in this game
It's not because sekiro is difficult, it's because you were probably playing it like dark souls. Jumping is very important in sekiro as it didn't exist in dark souls, and sekiro relies on blocking way more so than any soulsborne games. Bosses like Genichiro, Owl and Isshin all relies on attack/block posture and deathblow. Do not back awya from your enemies, attack and force them down, hesitation is defeat.
Might be the "O&S" of Sekiro. Definitely the boss I spent the most time on. It's all in the timing and patience. He has a few perilous attacks, one being easily countered by mikiri counter, but you need to be able to read which perilous he is about to do. If you aren't good at that, don't stress about mikiriing and just stick to dodging. Crackers are the only "trick" I used here, to stun at open times. I tried the suriken R2 plus R1 skill to dash and close the distance, but it wasn't fitting in my flow. He seems to go down pretty quickly in phase 2, and it took a much shorter time to bring his posture bar to max. The lightning isn't a huge deal, and gives a perilous warning sign before. If you're bad at assessing that, just jump for all the perilous in phase 2, then R1 to attack while in the air with lightning. Also a good night's sleep helped, and I got him attempt 2 the next morning. So a break may help too
that boss fight is so badly designed, compared to all the great ones (Ape, Monk, Owl, Isshin...)
ape=/= good design. If you dont have the bell demon he's too easy and if you do, he's too hard and it takes you more than one attempt. the best boss design wise is demon.
I beat him on my second try.....mostly because my curiosity and explorative nature lead me to fighting a bunch of bosses in other areas and I got really buff before his fight.
this *****er and his jump attack
Yes, let's combine a brutally difficult phase 3 with a long and tedious phases 1 and 2, with no checkpoint in between. What a chore. This boss would be more fun if it didn't take 5+ mins on every attempt.
You sound like one of those people that say Sekiro needs an easy mode
The trick is to deflect his attacks.