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Bss on raw is 195, not 175
If you dual wield blood and poison infusion at +10 with 65 Luck, then you can inflict 67 bleed AND 75 poison per hit.

Just make sure that both effects kick in in PvP, (Bleed: 15% health + 100 flat damage, poison: 630 + 6.3%% health over time). If host has 1000 health and doesn't use purple moss clump, then you just need to stay alive and combined effects will deal 943 damage over 90 seconds. At this point u can just use throwing knife/bombs to finish it off.
op weapon, needs patch
"It seems to be a broken straight sword dispite it's name". Quality wiki content, right there.
Memes aside, I do believe there is some use to using this weapon in PvP. The other day someone switched to this and I mistook it for a dagger. Expecting a dagger moveset, I parried too quickly and missed. It ended up costing me my life...
Only dumb fat Casuls would use such a trash weapon!
PKCS is so much better!
Real Pros and skilled players only ever use PKCS, the best weapon gaming history!
this is either a bot or a redditor discord mod
It CAN be repaired
If you break it again, it becomes a Broken Broken Straight Sword and can be repaired
This weapon SUCKS. Real pros use the torch!
At 66 str and 99 dex Refined Broken Straight Sword +10 has 307 AR. The Torch +10, which unlike the Broken Straight Sword can't be infused, only has 104 AR + 160 fire damage, which equals 264 AR. Far less than the Broken Straight Sword! What a trash weapon!
At 98 str, 99 dex, 99 faith, BSS blessed infusion has 322 physical AR, the highest physical AR possible.

At 95 str, 99 dex, 98 int, 98 fth, Dark/Chaos infusion gives 170/259 split AR (total 429)

Am I the only one who made a 10+ broken straight sword AND a 10+ torch?