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Surprisingly I’m not the only one playing this years later lol. Lost interest after the 1st dark souls. Pandemic made me dust off my old 360 and continue dark souls 2.
Funny im doing the exact same thing and have had a couple of invasions. Time away from dark souls 2 has made me appreciate this game more, Im really enjoying it on PS4.
These games are timeless and always have players. There are always 2-5 people doing PvP at the iron bridge on my SM for example
Just played through the game with a mate. It actually seems fairly active. He was invading a lot while waiting for me and we got invaded a bunch of times randomly. Love seeing the community is still there at least on PS4.
hurrah for pandemic... in short up but hole
I've been streaming it on my channel: Wilveren. First time ever doing the dlc. =P
Guess this is usefull for PVP as it lets you host infinite invasions, if you also summon some friends they become the king's guards protecting from invaders, could be fun if i wasn't so late to play this game online, at least on PS4 its freeking dead even with the corona out there
I m playing, and i'm on ps3 (name's Auron98)
I'm playing on PS3 too, Shiru-kun
Ps4: nvan7891
Ps4: zombiebrainss87 Lvl 150 Trying to finish dlcs and final boss
For me player invasions and player phantoms are pretty common from what I've seen. Although I wish the coop was like ds3 and ds1 remaster
Not really, I'm almost finishing the last DLC and then Nasandra and cooperated throughout the game, achieving the 3rd level of sunbros.
Still pretty active on PC, but that is generally the case


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Ironic. He could save others from hollowing, but not himself.
Is it possible to learn this power?
not from a cleric
Have you ever heard of the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?
Ironic. He could prevent hollowing but only after completing the game
what's the not lore point in doing this if it won't carry over since you will probably have done everything by the time you get this
Right? You will be so at the end of the game that you'll barely have anything to do when you got this
It at least lets you fight the super difficult bosses without having to pop effigies every five deaths. Alonne, Darklurker, blue smelter, lud and zallen, gravrobbers, all stand out as maybe being places that this could be useful
You could use it for coop on nashandra and make the fight a lot easier for yourself
I guess you are supposed to boss rush the dlcs doing only the main bosses and then once you have the blessing you can do lud and zallen, aged smelter, etc
why put etc., when you can just say ganking a**holes
What's even the point of having this at the end of the game? You'll hardly have something to do when you get this
For me, frigid outskirts and Cave of dead still remain
It's more likely to be a lore-friendly content to fulfill the DS2 story.
Since every king achieves a little in the way resisting the hollow curse, it's not weird that when our little nude boi gathering all the kings' power successfully dismiss the dark souls curse for him/herself.
For PVP. Losing a fight over and over will no longer cost you effigies and you can keep on dying and learning without needing to farm for effigies.
It's wholesome if you think about it, the Bearer set out to cure himself and succeeded
Do i need to collect all the crowns again on NG+ ? Because i don't get the blessings on NG+ aft i talked to him
Maybe the trigger is not the crowns themselves, but the short message "the warmth somewhat" you get when you pick up the crown.
well this was pointless i though that if i get the king blessing , i shall not be hollow anymore but seems to be very useless cause i think that wearing , ring of binding was no longer needed... damn i hate to hide my ugly hollow *** face with a bag of paper .PD actually a syans helm Llewelyn armor judgment gloves velstad leggins.
You didn't read the description. To prevent hollowing you have to actually be wearing the crown the moment you die. Simply putting it on when you are already hollowed or cursed will not reverse it.
It doesn't end the curse, you'll still respawn after death. I guess that's immortality for the bearer of the curse.
I always thought The Curse was the fact that the bearer turns into a zombie after death, not that he's immortal. Or it's both?
The curse is slowly losing your humanity and turning hollow when you die. If you don't turn hollow, you're immune to the curse as long as you wear the crown