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At least the boss room looks beautiful.
Kind of pointless since it has now been eclipsed by a similar looking, and very beautiful arena for the living failures in the dlc. A much better execution for this boss idea imho.
This boss is not located in the Orphanage. It's an understandable mistake, especially from a progression standpoint. But, the Orphanage is actually the building that serves as the main area of Upper Cathedral Ward. The Orphanage Key opens the front door to that building, after all. If you read the item description of the Orphanage Key, it tells that it was a place of education and research, where orphans were raised to be scholars and researchers. So this boss takes place in the Lumenflower Gardens, which are not to be confused with the Orphanage (or, for that matter, with the Lumenwood Gardens).


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is 26 def the lowest of any boss? I've never seen another boss have defenses lower than 50 for any damage type lmao


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They dropped a blood rock when I fought them for the first time in FRC Isz chalice. I said "whoa".
As the guide said i should walk up the stairs before the bossfight, and dis not mention the lever that opens a gate straight to a lamp, i had to do quite a long and unecessary run-around because i did’nt want to engage the boss at that time
Fully charged Ludwig's Holy Blade at +10 will do half his health. It's pretty funny.
every fromsoftware game has to have that one really easy boss. it's just an unspoken rule at this point