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if the 4th Loyce knight survives the ivory king fight it stays next to the entrance so tsorig probably killed that guy to get the ring I have no dam clue where he got the fume sword and tarkus's gear tho
Casul Slayer Tsorig
A funny thing happened when this huy invaded me, i casted tears of denial and proceeded to fight him. Now we both were at low hp,he broke my poise and almost killed me but i got saved by ToD, he thought he killed me and used his gesture but got backstabbed and koed by me instead
he can be parried, crest shield parry when he's 1-handing his weapon back off when hes 2-handing, can press the parry button almost the moment u register his arm movement to swing, i suck at parrying but this worked out really well for me
best waifu in the game
if you're encountering Knight Slayer Ur these days on pc than that's me.
If I helped you I'm glad, if I killed your gank I'm not sorry.


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- Uses FUGS, the best FUGS in the game

- Cosplays Tarkus, the best summon NPC in the entire series

- Has badass lore; gank-spanked an entire city

- Will fight you honourably without chugging, unlike SOME invaders

- Shows his gratitude and respect for your souls/tongue if you die to him

- Can literally help you kill himself if you need the assistance

Be like Tsorig.
if u dont want invaders to chug go to the dueling arena u boring loser
lmao 29 may anon learn better insults
This guy is unbeatable. No npc should take 2 thirds of your health per hit. This is dumb
Nvm I just took him to the dark knight lol
what are u? casul?
New player :p
Git gud, 2nd try beat it with vordth hammer.
Eh I didn’t have a poise weapon to crutch on. Work smarter not harder
He gets caught on the wall in smoldering lake if you agro him. A perfect use of Story Teller's staff WA.
Casual Player Slayer Tsorig