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This weapon dissapointed me the most
This is a very odd weapon, and imho not worth the soul. Before getting into why, i get it's difficult to use and understand. But it has more negative than positive results in the majority of situations, from others experience and my own.

First of all, the ar is high on paper, but the game only shows you the total ar. It has the same split damage problem than friede's great scythe: you will never deal the 3 damage types at once. The true damage is either phys + magic or phys + fire on each hit, and the listed extra fire/magic damage shown in the menu just disappears from the math. The true ar of this weapon comes by removing one of the listed elements, wich would be around -250 ar. (taken from the sum of both blades). The rather low scaling aggravates the situation.

Then comes flat defense and absorption. The reason behind this weapon being good in pvp is because almost nobody levels up vitality and many ppl lacks at least 1 piece of armor for "fashion souls". Those who actually levels up vit and wear full armor has a respectable amount of flat defense, wich is effective against chip damage from weapons with split damage. This weapon suffers greatly against flat defense, as none of it's damage types is high enough to surpass flat defense unless maxed out to +5. Then absorption adds insult to injury to wathever manages to go through flat defense. Unless it's dark damage, wich is the only good element against absorption in this case thanks to it's innate bonus against players.

Second, there is the moveset. In my experience it has the same problem as the drang twin hammers: too slow for a dual weapon and too predictable for anyone who fights against it. Even the r1 has a low startup. You would expect this from heavier weapons that gets hyper armor to compensate for this flaw, but the dancer twinblades has none to speak of except for the weapon art's. Catching someone with a wa combo is just a lottery, regardless of how you play. If you manage to catch someone, you might deal some damage with the combined blades's dps, but don't expect to perform the same tricks twice.

That's about it. Imo, you have a better weapon right at the start of the game and better choices of dual weapons as you progress. Only use this if you re that much into fashion, but don't get your hopes up trying to beat a hard enemy with this.
I may die horribly and painfully using this weapon, but at least I died using a stylish as **** weapon rather than some common meta weapon.



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this sucks bottom line
It is worth to try killing the Dancer very early to have fun with these at the start of your playthrough. If you dare to kill Orbeck early it also rocks with Morion's Blade and Blue Tearstone Ring. Remember, that ring pecs also for damage that WOULD take you to less than 20% of your health.

yo i slept on this weapon for too long, it's not that great in pvp but it's so ****ing fun
So to use this, you should me the STR and FAITH requirement then go 40/40 DEX and INT?
no, the requirements are only 12 STR and 20 DEX, so if you have that just try and see if you like it.
Okay so despite how the scaling/stat requirements look, this weapon should be treated as a quality weapon. 40 Strength 40 Dex, use Int as a dump stat since it increases the non-physical damage on these (faith only increases the fire damage, int increases both) Don't worry about getting high Int or Faith, it barely gains any extra AR from these stats (Calculated 40 faith, only gains 37 more AR from 9. 40 Int gives it 75 more AR because Int increases both of the scaling damages)

My build for these (Warrior Starting Class): 43 vigor / 35 Endurace / 40 Strength / 40 Dexterity / 19 Int (Any stat not mentioned is base). Rings: Life Ring +3, Ring of Favor +3, Prisoner's Chain, and then whatever else you want.

Okay now here's the combos and techs with this weapon: R1 true combos into the WA. L1 true combos into the R2, and then the R2 resets your L1 combo so you can follow up with another L1 for an attempted roll catch (actually somewhat consistent) and like I said before the R2 resets your L1, so if you roll catch with the L1 then you get the "first-hit hitstun" which allows you to combo into another R2 or R1.

Solid B tier weapon. Not meta but I think the community gives these weapons a lot of undeserved crap
I forgot to mention: these weapons are stat efficient enough that you can skip out on the Prisoner's Chain so you won't compromise your absorption (so you can get more favorable trades), get 48 Vigor and 40 Endurace as long as you don't level your Intelligence
I wish we got paired curved greatswords instead. I mean, come on fromsoft, curved swords already have 2 paired weapons