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Just in case anyone else is curious and takes some of the tips in articles with a grain of salt now, if you go to Pit of Hollows before fighting Greatwood, quitting out will still respawn you near the cage hollow, so you don't have to Homeward bone out and risk getting the hugs of doom again.
I'm close to heading into ng++ and I wanna switch to a build inspired by him. Main weapons will probably be Gael's sword and crucifix of the mad king. Backups not so sure, maybe a great club and a harald legion curved greatsword.
Armor I'm not sure about; all I know I want to use the helmet, cuz a hollow's crispy face and fully black eye look really creepy to me and I love it! Looking to put together I really run down look. Any suggestions are welcome and thanks in advance!!
"a build inspired by him"

-> uses nothing from him but the helmet

Dude is 3x time more dangerous at road of sacrifice jezz
Get him surrounded by those ****ers with the wooden poles and hes not so strong anymore
this dude has better parrying skills than 90% of the players in this game
0 lag.
A literal parry god with a sword that does +900 damage, its a shame there is no PvE arena, it would be fun to duel him multiple times
Easy easy to kill, after summoning I baited him towards the bonfire and jumped into the swamp off the rocks ledge, he didn’t follow but paced and I just shot him with arrows until he eventually died
Stfu bow Dex ***
x gon give it to ya
Cookie the dog is gonna haunt you in your sleep
Me: Parries and Ripostes hodrick for the 7th time

Hodrick:still survives

Also Hodrick: Ripostes me once with full ho

You need to git gud like Hodrick