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By Anonymous
This thing is a beast if you land falling bolt to your opponent
By Nabouja
Changed the Wiki concerning the heavy attack
By Anonymous
Thank you for stopping that lie.
By Anonymous
Only dumb fat Casuls would use such a trash weapon!
PKCS is so much better!
Real Pros and skilled players only ever use PKCS, the best weapon gaming history!
By Anonymous
at this point i just admire the dedication to the meme
By Anonymous
i missed you, PK guy! <3
By Anonymous
That faith scaling is pure garbage
By Anonymous
Nameless king: ok ornstein, we re done killing dragons. Hide your equipment somewhere so nobody else does any dragon slaying.

Trollstein: *slips his spear under the door*
By Anonymous
Year 2021: fextra still says this weapon sends ppl flying without any visual proof of it.
By Anonymous
True that.
By Anonymous
its not Fextra saying it. its on the items description. and here is a fun note. Fextralife didnt create Dark Souls 3. actually play the game before you embarrass your self more
By Anonymous
People say its a good weapon but honestly, it suffers alot from split dmg imo
By Anonymous
its actually quite good, basically a plough with a better r2 and a warcrime of a weapon art
By Anonymous
Found the r1 spammer
By Anonymous
this weapon is similar to the silver knight's moveset (almost as if they trained under ornstein who would have guessed), closest thing we'll have in ds3
By Anonymous
Man i wish it conserved the C/B scaling in Strength and Dex of Dark Souls 1
would've an amazing Quality Spear imo
By Anonymous
For anyone casually reading this page looking for some useful information, this is a DEX weapon. The lightning bolt projectile does not require faith to do decent damage. It does a percentage of the weapon's total AR, rather than relying solely upon the faith-scaling lightning AR as some have speculated. Get 14 or 20 STR depending on if you want to be able to onehand it or not, 40 DEX, ignore FTH and you're good to go.
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