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It would make builds more varied and exciting if <30% load had extra 2 I-frames, and >70% had 10/7% bonus physical/magical defense. Also, to counter the most obvious cheese, Quickstep at >70% weight would cost 5x FP.
Oh heck. I'm nearing the game's ending now, and only now I realize the weight ratios are different than DS1 (70 instead of 50 for regular roll). I spend almost the entire game with far less powerful gear than I could carry! lol
pros play naked (irl too). git gud scrub.
Regular roll includes 70% equip load. Fat roll starts at 70.1%
It actually can start at 70.0%, though only sometimes for some reason
It has to do with weather it is equal to or above 70.05
so i have 30 points into vitality and my weight ratio is 64 / 70.... so how many points more do i need to invest to vitality for normal rolling?
You would need an equip load maximum of 92 (64/92) if everything else on your character stayed the same, so that would be 22 more points. Try experimenting with different rings to see if you can boost it that way.
that's wrong, i just tested ; 30.0% or less is the FASTEST roll state than is correct.
*stack multiplicitively
Has this happened to anyone before where you have some equipment load even if you have absolutely nothing equipped? I noticed because I suddenly start fat rolling without changing anything.
Are you swapping weapons? If you have a shield in one hand, and swap that for another weapon that shield will be added to your equipment load and may give you a slower roll.
Should be added that occasionally you can fast roll at 30.0% and 70.0% flat if the float values are being nice to you. Maybe you can even Fat roll at 100.0% flat too but no one's playing tank atm so idk about.
Hey my pc sometimes do that too i equip full smpugh set and ı say OMG I CAN HANDLE İT but then i fat roll
You get the improved roll at %25 equip load or less, not %30.