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"I've seen your kind time and ti- oh god please dont shove me off the cliff again Ashen One"
imagine throwing him off a cliff. astora greatsword stunlock gang where you at >:)



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Why is his head so small
At leat he recnognized me as the Lord of Hollows.But i don´t blame him, he just followed his oath and the orders he got
idk man. Onyx blade description says it's a goodbye gift after he was dispensed by Friede. He probably isn't her knight anymore since long ago.



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My favorite npc in the game. His voice is menacing but has a snarky tone to it, and he’s a pretty good fight and uses his onyx blades length pretty effectively. He also counters every build, either by outhealing everything or using vow of silence. If only he didn’t have a foot fetish.
I destroyed him in 5 seconds with the greatsword lol
reinforced club puts him in his place
he has the hottest voice in the game
have you met the great eygon of carim?
Vinheim, Vilhelm... wtf can't they think of another that doesn't look and sound the same?
So this is what happened with Zynbel after years of tormenting Senua. Nice to hear that voice again.


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Gotta love getting caught by the Hand and losing over a thousand HP before dying to a wake-up stab.

Hate this kid.
Git gud
Poor guy. Simped so hard for Friede and probably never got a single footjob from her.
dude the edgy cool cold hearted theme your going for isent working you were already pretty badass anyway so you can chill with the edge