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FromSoft: Sekiro Update
I mean, this is a rather welcome update that'll bring plenty of enjoyment. This is like a nice aperitif before the main course.
I'm ready for From Soft to hurt me some more. I know they do it because they love me.
fight every boss in a row with no deaths and your reward is nothing :(
Yeah, it'd be cool if they had a special skin for if you managed to do that. Still, though, they didn't have to even add the Mortal Journey version at all, but they added it anyways on top of this update.
I mean, at that point, what is the point of playing after completion?
The point is it's damn fun for some people you fool. What's the point of anything?
there is a reward, it is your ego getting ultra big super sized
The mortal journey gauntlet did not unlock for me until I finished both Severance and Shura gauntlets. Did others have a different experience?
Same for me
This is because you must have at least fought Emma, the Gentle Blade and Fire Isshin in order to have fought all the bosses in the Mortal Journey Gauntlet.
How can Mortal Journey have no reward?
The reward is the friends we kill along the way
"The reward is the friends we kill along the way" lmao
" "The reward is the friends we kill along the way" lmao" lmao
" " "The reward is the friends we kill along the way" lmao" lmao"
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" " "The reward is the friends we kill along the way" lmao" lmao" ~Hmm should I also say lmao or something else....~ lmao definitely lmao
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Omg that is sad why would you write the same thing six times lmao
Can you do the gauntlets at any time during the ng+ play through or only upon beating the game again/ before starting ng+?
any time after you unlock the required bosses. For instance, I'm on NG++ but still haven't done Shura. I can do Inner Isshin, Inner Genichiro, but can't do the Shura gauntlet because I haven't fought Emma or Issin Ashina yet.
It might be worth mentioning to not use the Jizo Statue from Jinzaemon.
Keep it so that you have 2 Jizo statues in the gauntlet, as Jinzaemon's likely will not disappear afterwards.
Also spam ako sugars on the bosses you've fought many times, like great ape to make it go by faster.
I learned from someone to use the mist raven on Inner Isshin's mortal blade sweep and the attack where he charges up in the air.
I only ended up using the mist raven (not the final upgrade) for him, maybe some firecrackers.
By two jizo statues I mean two useable ones in only one fight.
Resting mid gauntlet obviously wont give you another Jinzaemon Jizo statue, but will give you another normal Jizo statue if you had that many previous to going into the gauntlet.

I honestly wish that they gave you set items for the gauntlets, to even the playing field, like what if you used all you'r jizo statues/divine grass/sweet rice balls before doing gauntlets. You wouldn't have any for hard fights.
Edit: This might be false
Can someone confirm?
When I was testing some boss strategies with the new art, I was using some rice like it was nothing, I thought it wouldn't go away but it did. I had like 13 in storage and when I realized, after several runs, I had just one left, everything seemed to restore but the rice, which is BS. Anyone else had this issue?
Interesting, can someone test with other one time items?
If they go away, this disproves my comment below about Jinzaemon's statue.
And what about special items that aren't one time, like normal Jizo statues, rice, etc?
I'm afraid of wasting an item to confirm.
I have one sweet rice in storage and have used it a few times.
Fail As F**k for not give any reward for Gauntlet Of Strength: Mortal Journey.
in fact they thought every reward was made just so you could achieve this ultimate gauntlet. There won't be any further nor harder challenge, it is the end, so there is no need for your character to receive any improvements. but I get what you mean, it would be nice to receive any outfit or ability.
They could have made some gauntlets using mini bosses