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I can't find the odd skeletal arm anywhere around those coordinations, nor any area on the map similar to where is supposed to be the chest... Am I missing something?? I am playing DE story mode on my PC...
The arm is at the X362 area. I couldn’t bless the cursed chest until I first found the arm.
a little north of where Han sets you with boat
I cannot find neither the odd arm nor the jar....I am playing DE on my PC...am I missing something???
The jar is in the Vault of Braccus Rex from the shrine of Amadia go north along the beach their will be evil crocodiles after you beat them keep following the beach up and an invisible cave will show up as for the arm it is on the south beach in the swamp next to fort joy (just walk around close to the water for a bit)
cough cough ..... you need an "updated" dos2 game for that
Look at the picture of the area where you find the arm, it near where you fight the witch who caused the ship to sink at the beginning of the game.
Not true the witch is found on the north beach next to fort joy in the swamp area and the arm is south beach in the swamp area still close to fort joy
Here's a tip: you can use Corbin Day (from ACT 2) to upgrade your unique armor sets. when moving from act 3 to act 4, sell him this whole set, and voila -- it will be level 18. one of the best buffs for a magic melee build.
Corbin day? Lacated where. And this is without gift bag usage right?
he is located at the abandoned sawmill where you save saheila fighting roost anlon
You can get ALL three Items of the Captain in that new Cave, if you persuade him to deal it for the Souljar. No chest nd fight needed after that.
I've found the buried chest before i've found a skeleton arm and noone came to fight me. I think i'll reload to an older save to do it in the right order -_-
Seems that i missunderstood it. The fight occurs only when the last piece is found, it's not bound to the place where it found.
The way to completely avoid the fight - smash the soul jar with the other character while your main is talking to the captain(before he summons someone). There'll be a funny dialogue if the arm is still in your inventory ;)
i've break the jar and now can't find the coat :|
DO NOT i repeat DO NOT give him the Jar of souls on the first encounter by the cursed chest.
fight his minions there and then go to his hideout further up the coast.

you can persuade him there and get all 3 of his clothing items for the soul jar all at once. so much easier
If you also break his soul jar after he teleports away you will also find his full set on his corpse in the cabin.
Confirmed it works in 2021, not sure about lost xp tho
Ugh, tricky fight and you don't even get xp from killing the mobs...
In tactician mode each member of the team has some form of healing, even Fane, which I use against the undead (lots of them in the marshes area), plus a couple of points each in necro, so they get their healing from dealing dmg.