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Here's a pro tip: Alex can revive his allies. Beat him down first, and his minions are a lot easier to kill because he also stops buffing them. Gareth is also really squishy and draws lots of aggro so be sure to keep an eye of him. As always, corpse explosion is your friend. You can do lots of damage by beating down one of his rangers, then teleport-bombing alex (and hopefully a few allies) with it.
Another option. Persuade Gareth not to attack (+exp). And then you talk to alexander and attack him (+exp)
This is my second playthrough, and I'm just as confused lore-wise as I was my first playthrough here. I haven't been shrugging off story information- I take in as much as I can, but for some reason, when I get to this fight.. I'm totally confused by the reactions to the conversation paths I take.

In the argument between Gareth and Alexander, how do you know "Alexander is not the same person anymore" to even justify choosing that option?
Why would you seriously persuade Gareth to stand down (not for exp reasons)? ... And why the ever living hell does Gareth storm off, mad at you, if you let him fight?

I'm probably missing info / confused, but I thought I'd understand this interaction by now. Both times I'm faced with the very first question in the confrontation dialogue, I have to come to the wiki to figure out wtf is even going on with Alexander to understand what I'm saying.. And then choosing the option I think is most siding with Gareth leaves him mad at me. So, like a good little boy, I reload my save, choose the option to have Gareth stand down, which doesn't make sense to me, just so I can have him go back to the ship and then carry on with killing Alexander, irked by the need to choose what I did.

What gives? Am I the only one? Do others naturally understand this confrontation when they get here?
I'd like to add, I am attempting to do literally every quest this playthrough, so I have been exposed to quite a lot of story, yet this part still comes out of no where to me. I don't see anyone else talking about feeling lost in the social interaction here, though, so I'm guessing it's something I didn't catch in the main story.
Alexandar resurrected my teammates. Has this happened to anyone? I’m using a summoner elf along with Fane, Sebille, and Lohse. After a while, his cronies kill Fane and Lohse but I simply refused to give up even though I haven’t killed a single one of them yet.

A few turns later, Alexandar resurrects Lohse and puts her in a spot where nobody could reach her except she could keep buffing me along with Sebille. After that, he wastes his next turn to resurrect Fane and teleports him on the same spot he put Lohse in so basically my Fane and Lohse just kept buffing my Sebille and my Summoner until they all died. Pretty weird.
Persuaded Gareth to not fight him, then Ifan decided to speak to Alexandar when I walked up to him, ended up choosing the option where Ifan stabs Alexandar and instantly killed him and took him out from the fight that follows up. Killed all his cronies but Delorus, put him to sleep and TP-ed everyone out. Talked to Alexandar's spirit and Delorus after the fight and they weren't even mad.

This part of the game is just straight up jank.