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Why do you have to redo this ****ing tedious **** every ng+ cycle, why can’t you just keep the recovery charm every time and not be forced back to dilapidated temple, load the cutscene, and travel back to where you were because you died twice. I want to pick myself up and fight a boss again, not be forced into loading screens and extra loading time to be introduced to a mechanic a already have known about for the past 10 playthroughs.
Whoever came up with this BS at fromsoft should be fired immediatly. I dont care if it was miyazaki.
Lul just don't die,

seriously though punishing people for dying is a pretty bullsy move. Especially in this era when people don't like being punished and want gratification, this is FROM SOFT BABY
But, I mean, it's an inconvenience at most. It won't kill anyone, and the fix for it is dead easy.
Ey what if Emma’s already in Kuro’s Room by the time the Sculptor initially gets Dragonrot?
I haven't seen this, so this is just a guess, but I expect she just temporarily moves back there for at least the first part of the event. There are already other dynamic story events that can cause her to temporarily move there or to other places such as the Sakura Branch/second Hirata bell event.
She says the same dialogue as if she was at the Temple. Initial dialogue changes depending on if you talked to the Sculptor first or after Emma.
Then you should pat yourself on the back for being so damn impressive haha. Thats insane
If you get Timid Maid's Rot Essence before speaking to her, does it prevent her from giving you the bell? Then, say, if you were to intentionally waste all of the Blood Droplets in the game, could you get locked out of Hirata Estate?

That's a very unlikely situation to have occur unintentionally, but it seems like the only significant negative consequence Dragonrot could possibly have. All of the other NPC quests have very minor and not mechanically-unique rewards, and you only really need to spend one Blood Droplet about halfway through the game to finish them all.
Never mind, according to comments on the Blood Droplet page there are actually unlimited Droplets available because merchant stocks replenish if you use them. In that case, Dragonrot goes from something that you never need to care about if you plan Droplet use even slightly to something that you never need to care about AT ALL.
How do you get all of them? After 9 i dont get any more, no matter how many times i die
Why in hell would you want farm Dragonrot?
I just got like four different rot essences from one death, and I had just died a couple minutes before, i'm fighting the monkey boss and suddenly got slammed with four rot essences when I had none