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The Toxic Memorial Mob is located as follows: From the Bodhisattva Valley Sculptor's Idol in Sunken Valley turn away from the Guardian Ape boss arena. Navigate down the short drops to the left of the Idol. Use your grappling hook to navigate down to the poison swamp below. Follow the land on the left side of the area. Use the two grapple-boost branches to quickly fly over the swamp and the Dual-Wielding White Ape. Follow the short path to the right. The Toxic Memorial Mob tent will be right across from you. Sells: 5x Pellets @ 80 sen each, 2x Dragon's Blood Droplet @ 180 each 1x Green Mossy Gourd @ 1800 Unlimited Antidote Powder @ 120 each 5x Heavy Coin Purse @ 550 each 2x Yellow Gunpowder @ 270 each
There's a Drunk Memorial Mob somewhere.
Exiled Memorial Mob is the Drunk Memorial Mob
Can I buy divine confetti from any of these?
no divine confetti is a rare item that can be droped if you killed a npc
I think the one in the orangutan place have it
According to the wiki, once you get the Dragon's Tally Board from killing the True Corrupted Monk boss in Fountainhead, a number of merchants will sell the Divine Confetti
There's at least one that sells a very limited amount (I can't remember which ones but I think it's the info broker and possibly the Mibu village memorial mob and/or the Senpou temple memorial mob). As another reply said you can purchase an infinite amount from any merchant once you get the dragon tally board.


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Yes, especially late game it will appear in some merchant stocks
Dunno if this will still be of use to you, but Anayama the Peddler sells an infinite stock of Divine Confetti after you fully upgrade his shop (tell him about Ashina salt, then recommend Kotaro to go help him out)
I quite like these miserable sods. 死者達に御冥福あれ (shishatachi ni meifuku are) is their cheery blessing.
Seems like goods are limited (for example I can buy only couple of pellets). Does it restore at some point?
I'm no expert (yet) but I do believe the merchants inventory are limited. Luckily, as far as pellets are concerned, certain enemy types eem to drop them. The dudes with the spinning sickles in particular
They do restock, yes


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They do restock, yes
This game is so incredibly deep in so many ways, especially the lore. It's so weird to me that the community isn't as engaging as the Souls community. Maybe it just needs more time? I hope it becomes a big series like Dark Souls with multiple entries.
It doesn't have multiplayer, will never be as engaging as the Souls.
Unfortunately it's a Sony exclusive, so the market will never be as large.
Sekiro isn't Sony exclusive
i duno maybe its bc the lore isnt as easy to relate to bc theres not a lot of familiar stuff for non-japanese culture informed people?
Higher skill requirement and no multiplayer.
Miyazaki never intended there to be sequels to Dark Souls, same as Demons Souls and Bloodborne. From Soft just worked on DS2 while he worked on Bloodborne so he made DS3 because he didn't like the idea of DS2 being the final entry of the series. It's highly likely Sekiro will be a one-off
There's less engagement because it's a game with a fixed character, and fewer options to play. Even if the game itself is still fun.
Shut up nigga
i accidentally hit pot noble koremori can i still get the mask shard?
Yeah you just need to kill the great koi Witch the bait From pot Noble harunaga nad the he wilk have two pieces for sale
Quitting out will let you talk to him again