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welp im not sure about that one but i think some bow attacks do exh dmg cause i got a lot of situations where boss were just standing in place or looked too tired to use some of his abilities at the end or middle of the fight
Shield bashes do as well but not as effective. If you max the skill it’s kind of ok
How can i get this Juwel ?
Please specify which weapon deals this kind of damage and which does not, dont be in middle by saying "Increases certain attacks' ability". BTW, does bowgun's pierce shot deal exhaust damage?
I know this is a while later but for anyone looking for this info now, no it doesn't. Pierce ammo can build up a lot of trips when aiming through head/legs, but it does not exhaust the monster directly.
Bow caltrops deal exhaust dmg, {the raining crap from the sky}, and its effect is increased by crit. one of the most effective stamina drain builds in the game is aloys war bow augmented for crit and the enervate charm 3. its an excellent way to slow down tempered deviljho, however anytime a monster enrages they are immune to drain and will have full stamina agian when they come out of enrage
I thought you could stamina drain a monster out of rage faster
ever since i started using these jewels, it doesnt matter what weapon im using my target gets exhausted, heaving for breath and can barely fight back
Take it out if stamina thief can't be used with other weapons
Does this work for dual blades?
If you have impact mantle on. Only impact damage exhuasts
Insect Glaive can deal blunt damage with the Pheromone Swing/Kinsect (Mark Target), and one of the hits from Decending Thrust (Midair R2); not to mention Kinsects with Blunt damage types.