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If you’ve been looking for a good Cleric Guide in Solasta, check out our Battle Domain Build Guide!



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Awesome, I am the person that created the other build guides. I did pretty much the same thing with my Cleric. Except, I built all of my party Dex based because it improves your initiative order. When you later obtain a Belt of Hill Giant, Fire or Stone and attune it you can change weapons and still have decent initiative. It won't really affect the damage except for not using bludgeoning against undead. I don't recommend dumping Str completely in the other characters. Just in say Paladin and Fighter. You will need strength as you want the Rogue, Wizard, and Cleric carrying the items as encumbrance is a real thing in Solasta. I need to modify my build guide as Antiquarians and Circle of Danatar are probably the most important factions to obtain good gear and it is probably no longer Arcaneum. Although, all can be important depending on what you want to do with your characters.