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You have a heart of gold...
Don't let them take it from you.
Best character in the game. I could never imagine killing him. My heart would probably shatter.
You have a heart of gold, don't let them take it from you
Give him the Jade Hair Ornament. If you don't I will find you...
I accidently killed him....can i revive him?
If you kill him, does the "Send to Storage" option disappear? Toying with killing him to get Mephisto to appear. Fine with not being able to recover any items as I only have Old One and Mephisto to go before NG+, but would not want to lose items due to it (especially Foe's ring).
not gonna lie, if it weren't for Thomas I would've given up on my ng+ walkthrough. he's the type of dude that you don't want to let his high hopes of you down.
I didn’t give him the ornament in ng+ because I like to do as many things as I can in different ways and I felt bad but then remembered that he’s the storage person so in my head canon I picture him taking it out of storage while I’m not in the nexus for comfort.